VCE Deep Dive Series

Deep Dive into your VCE English texts this summer

Our Deep Dive is a unique program designed for students heading into Year 12.

Summer is the perfect time to dip into your VCE texts in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

A Deep Dive runs via live streamed sessions. Grab a drink and your text and curl up in your favourite chair… it’s story time!

Understanding your VCE English texts in Year 12 is crucial.

Why? Because your English score is the only one definitely included in your ATAR, regardless of how well you perform.

You may be amazing at Physics or Computing or Studio Arts, but if your English score is ordinary it will bring your overall study score – and your ATAR – down.

And we know what that means… potentially missing out on the course offer you have your heart set on.

The trouble is that in Unit 3&4 English it’s not just one or two but four texts you will need to know and understand ( or three if you’re an EAL student).

You need to know them well so that you can analyse them.

Compare them.

Respond quickly and cleverly to a prompt without blanking out in your end-of-year exam.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time to read all of your texts in class like you did in Year 9. Your teacher is relying on you to read each one in your own time beforehand.

We know how hard it is to face all those chapters or that Shakespearean language on your own.

At VCE Book Club we’re committed to setting you up for success. And we’ve come up with an out-of-the-box idea that’s refreshingly different!

Take a Deep Dive this summer

A Deep Dive runs via live streamed sessions. Grab a drink and your text, log in and curl up in your favourite chair… it’s story time!


Sit back and enjoy having the story read

Key ideas

Characters, themes, symbols unpacked


Ask a question and learn from others


Graphic organiser pack for note taking as we


Exclusive September pre-exam refresher

A Deep Dive comprises ten 75-minute sessions* held on an exclusive live stream.

Select your chosen text and log in each time the next session is scheduled.

A few titles on the VCE English list are too long to read and unpack in ten sessions, but we want you to enjoy your summer to the full! If you sign up for a longer text, we’ll provide you with some extra audio or video supplements to listen to between sessions at a time that works for you.

*Shorter plays, such as Much Ado About Nothing, run over two 105-minute sessions.

Deep Dives run over December-January with a break for us all to enjoy Christmas and New Year.  🎉  You’ll be rested, read-up and ready to hit the ground running for Term 1!

Deep Dive FAQs

A.  Audiobooks are awesome and we highly recommend them! But a Deep Dive is so much more

  1. The book is being read live with you. That means it’ll be easier to stay focused as you listen.

  2. You’ll experience it over a number of weeks so you can absorb it in chunks.

  3. Each week we’ll talk through those important elements of character, plot, themes, setting, symbols, values, ideas etc. so by the time we’ve finished, you’ll have a really good understanding of the text.

  4. You can ask questions about things you’re unsure of or confused about! 

  5. You’re walking through the text with a qualified English teacher – but more than that, someone who loves to read and talk about books! 

A.  You’re right – there are tons of resources everywhere!

But let’s be real here. If you’re struggling to read the actual book, are you really going to push through all the other material too – and even if you do, will it make sense – and will you retain it? Just a thought. 🙂

A.  Absolutely! A text is a text wherever you study it, and we’d love to have you! Bear in mind that the times listed are AEST time. Victoria and NSW have daylight savings in summer, and the advertised session times are in Victorian local time. If you’re in Qld, NT or WA you’ll need to check the time suits you! You can access a time and date converter here

A.  At the moment our group Deep Dives are only for the texts set by VCAA for Unit 3&4 English. But one-on-one sessions might work for you! Read more here

A.  Absolutely! Deep Dive sessions are perfect to help you really understand the key ideas and language of the text. Or you might like our 1+1 Sessions where it will be just you and me talking about the text together.

I've been doing tutoring this year with Amanda. We've walked through The Dressmaker and The Crucible together and she's helped me so much. I wish Deep Dives had existed for me. I definitely would have joined!

Alex, Essendon - Year 12

I have an awesome English teacher, but Amanda helped me to understand so many things about Shakespeare that we didn’t have time for in class.

Maddie, Albury - Year 10

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