Book Dives

Dive into your VCE English texts this summer

Especially for students heading into Year 12, Book Dives are dedicated to covering one book. You’ll enjoy a series of online sessions at your own pace where we read the book together and Amanda explains things in plain English.

 You’ll just need your own copy of the book, a pen and highlighter, sticky notes – and of course a drink and study snacks!

Start your English class full of confidence knowing you’ve read and understood your book. Bring on the year! (Note: summer is the perfect time… but you can  take a Book Dive anytime!)

How does a Book Dive work?

A Book Dive is a series of streamed self-paced sessions:

  • Sign up for a text you’ll be studying.
  • Access your self-paced session inside our Book Dive website
  • The next session unlocks when you’ve completed the current session (and answered a few multiple choice questions about what we’ve just read)
  • Watch sessions at the times that suit you – any time of day or night
  • You control the pace – work your Book Dive around work, family, the Boxing Day sales… and you can properly stop to enjoy Christmas and New Year! 🎉
  • You have full access to previous sessions you’ve viewed, so you can re-watch them as much as you like
  • *Most Book Dive titles are ten sessions long. A few texts on the VCE English list are a bit longer. Plays are shorter. See individual titles for more details.*


The ENTIRE TEXT is read with you and explained

Key ideas

Characters, themes, symbols unpacked in plain English


Got a question? Ask yours and learn from others


Graphic organisers for notetaking and other great tools on the text


Re-watch sessions whenever you like throughout the year

Book Dive Pricing

Book Dive FAQs

Yes! Summer is the perfect time to get you ready for Year 12, but you can dive in at any time!  🏊‍♂️

A.  Most of the novels on the Unit 3&4 VCE English list will be available from December 2022. We’ll be adding further titles regularly. Watch this space!

A.  Audiobooks are awesome and we highly recommend them! But a Book Dive is so much more

  1. The whole book is being read to you AND explained as we go. It’ll be easier to stay focused as you listen.
  2. You’ll experience it over a number of weeks so you can absorb it in chunks.
  3. Each session we’ll talk through those important elements of character, plot, themes, setting, symbols, values, ideas etc. so by the time we’ve finished, you’ll have a really good understanding of the text.
  4. You can ask questions about things you’re unsure of or confused about!
  5. You’re walking through the text with a qualified English teacher – but more than that, someone who loves to read and talk about books! 

A.  You’re right – there are tons of resources everywhere! But you still need to read the actual book. And let’s be real here… if you’re struggling to read the book, will those other resources make sense yet, and will you retain the info? The benefit of a Book Dive is that we read the WHOLE TEXT and also explain it simply.

A.  Absolutely! Wherever you are, we’d love to have you!

A.  At the moment our Book Dives are based on the texts set for VCE English in Victoria. However, you may find a title you’re studying in Year 10 or 11 that was on the Year 12 list in the past. You’re welcome to join! We’re also adding new texts regularly – follow us on our socials for updates or email a suggestion!

A.  Absolutely! A Book Dive is perfect to help you really understand the key ideas and language of the text.

Thanks Amanda for the Ransom Book Dive. Reading it with you really helped me to understand what was happening in the plot. I didn't think I'd like the book but I ended up really enjoying it!

Emily (Year 12) got so much out of your The Dressmaker and Nine Days Book Dive series this summer! I wasn't sure how I was going to help her get through these thick novels. Thanks for this great program!

Understanding your VCE English texts in Year 12 is crucial.

Why? Because your English score is the only one definitely included in your ATAR, regardless of how well you perform.

You may be amazing at Physics or Computing or Studio Arts, but if your English score is ordinary it will bring your overall study score – and your ATAR – down.

And we know what that means… potentially missing out on the course offer you have your heart set on.

The trouble is that in Unit 3&4 English it’s not just one or two but four texts you will need to know and understand ( or three if you’re an EAL student).

You need to know them well so that you can analyse them.

Compare them.

Respond quickly and cleverly to a prompt without blanking out in your end-of-year exam.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time to read all of your texts in class like you did in Year 9. Your teacher is relying on you to read each one in your own time beforehand.

We know how hard it is to face all those chapters or that Shakespearean language on your own.

At VCE Book Club we’re committed to setting you up for success. Grab a drink and your text, log in and curl up in your favourite chair… it’s story time!