'Book Dives' end the struggle of reading English texts. writing well. English exams.

Let’s be honest… the idea of curling up with a novel is not everyone’s idea of fun. Some kids don’t like reading. It’s just not their thing... others find reading hard. The words swim on the page. The language is tricky. It’s hard to stay focused. Things just don’t make sense. Enter Book Dives…

For Students: Your book is read and really understood ahead of time – which means better writing, better results and better options.

For Parents: No nagging required. Expect a more settled happy student. Better results, choices, and confidence to follow.

Helping high school students who find reading hard reading boring reading challenging reading un-fun reading tiring reading difficult

Book Dive series on Unit 3&4 texts

Understanding your English texts is vital at Year 12. You can’t write well in your SACs and final exams if you haven’t read and understood your texts.

We had a lightbulb moment and came up with a solution we love – the Book Dive!

Our Book Dive series is designed for students heading into Year 12. Sign up for a text you’ll be studying next year, and join over the summer break – the perfect time to dip into your VCE texts while you’re relaxed and unwinding.

A Book Dive runs over short streamed sessions:

Sit back and enjoy having the story read to you. Follow along in your text. Key ideas are unpacked and questions answered. All from the comfort of your armchair,  where you won’t be confronted to answer questions or read aloud!

🌴  By the end of summer you’ll:

  • Have read your entire text
  • Understand the key elements of plot, key ideas, characters, themes, settings and symbols
  • Have your questions answered
  • Be able to walk into the first day of your Year 12 English class feeling confident and prepared!

🌧  Summer over?

We’ve got you! You can take a Book Dive any time of the year. You can Dive into a text in a holiday break before you start it in class, or during the year. And you have full access to re-watch as often as you like.

💭  Not in VCE or Year 12?

No problem! Our mission is to help as many students as possible to read and enjoy their English texts. If you’re studying the text, you’re so welcome to Dive in!

I still don't think reading is my favourite thing to do but my view on reading has definitely changed this semester. I hope it stays as a good outlook!

Sometimes reading feels like I have to get a tooth pulled out, but it's become something that I don't just push away now, I enjoy it. Thanks for helping me to enjoy reading more.

Amanda has opened my mind to reading, it's not a bad thing anymore. It's something I can do now in my own time, not just because I have to.