English Tutoring

Personalised text-focused 1+1 Sessions for Years 7-12

There are many reasons students don’t enjoy reading.

The letters swim on the page.
It’s hard to concentrate.
The words are too hard.
English is a second or third language.

Or maybe they’d just rather be hanging at the basketball hoop or cracking that next level in their online game.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

English tutoring is personal - just like reading

Let me introduce myself. I’m Amanda… teacher, writer, business owner, bookworm and mum. I’ve been blessed to combine my love of words and learning through VCE Book Club – you can read more of this journey at Our Story.

I provide personalised text-focused English tutoring 1+1 Sessions to high school students of all ages.

My philosophy is that everyone deserves to be valued and heard. As a high school student, I warmed to the teachers who lived and breathed their subjects. But more than that, it was to the ones who gave students a feeling of worth, and who reached out and shared of themselves and their libraries. As Teddy Roosevelt said, ‘No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’.

Now it’s my turn to offer that inspiration, passion and connection.

Many students dread being asked to read in front of others. This may be because they lack confidence, or feel they read too slowly, or struggle pronouncing words.


Others scoot down in their chair and hope the teacher doesn’t ask them a question about the text, because they don’t have the answer. Perhaps they’ve tuned out, or haven’t understood what’s going on in the narrative.

1+1 Sessions are a safe place for your learner to develop their confidence as they practice their English skills. When a student feels comfortable, happy and hopeful, their self-confidence grows and learning will follow.

My first priority when commencing as English tutoring with a new student is to build rapport; they’ll soon be looking forward to our sessions together rather than finding tutoring a chore!

English tutoring in reading improves your learner's:

Reading comprehension

Writing & analysis

Vocabulary & speech

Self-confidence & mindset

1+1 Sessions: the details

Our sessions are designed around the student’s individual needs, whether this be developing confidence in reading aloud, or text comprehension or analysis. The starting point is the assigned text the student is studying.

  • Shakespeare? No worries! (my favourite is Macbeth)
  • Contemporary novels? Yes please!
  • Classic literature? Love it – I actually do, I studied it for fun!
  • Poetry, plays, short stories… I look forward to exploring whatever text you need help with.

Session length

  • Year 10-12:    45 minutes
    I’ve found that senior students  benefit most from 45-minute sessions – long enough to achieve something meaningful in the session while still staying focused and engaged.
  • Year 7-9:       30 minutes
    Sessions with a short, sharp focus work well for younger learners; in order to maintain momentum, meeting twice weekly is optimal.

Session times

  • Sessions run Monday to Thursday during the day and up until 8pm. While most students book after school (and a few early birds before school 🦜), some senior students make use of their study sessions or gaps in their timetable around their classes during the day. I’m very happy to accommodate this where it works for both of us.
  • Sessions run during Victorian school terms.

Term 1       31 Jan – 8 Apr
Term 2       26 Apr – 24 Jun
Term 3       11 Jul – 16 Sep
Term 4       3 Oct – 20 Dec

Some of my Year 12 request that our sessions continue across school holidays – especially in the lead-up to the end-of-year exam.


All sessions are held online via Zoom. This means that wherever you live across Australia and wherever you travel, you can always access your English tutor! All you need is a stable internet connection… and of course the books you’re studying.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Theodore Roosevelt

1+1 Session Rates

  • 1+1 Sessions are booked on a per-term basis. Terms tend to vary in length from 9-11 weeks and your invoice will reflect this.

  • Once you book you’ll receive an invoice for the term; this must be paid prior to lessons commencing.

  • If your regular session timeslot falls on a public holiday there won’t be a lesson that day (we all need a break!); your term invoice will reflect this. 


per week
$ 45 session
  • 1 x 30-min session


per week
$ 80 for two sessions
  • 2 x 30-min sessions


per week
$ 65 session
  • 1 x 45-min session


per week
$ 110 for two sessions
  • 2 x 45-min sessions

How to Book

1.  Decide on your preferred time from the currently available time slots. Times are local time in Melbourne.
Some senior students prefer a time during the school day to slot into a gap in their timetable; we are happy to accommodate this if available.

Junior 7-9: current Availability Term 1, 2022
Senior 10-12: current Availability Term 1, 2022

2.  Complete the registration form below.

3.  We’ll get back to you promptly to confirm your preferred time is available, then send you an invoice for the term’s fees.

[Optional – complimentary 20-minute Zoom session where you and your student can meet me]

4.  Pay your invoice for the first term’s fees. This secures your booking. Your preferred timeslot will be held for 14 days. You are welcome to take longer to pay the invoice, but after this time your preferred time may no longer be available, and Term 1 spaces are limited.


Heading into Year 12?

Bookings are open now for our Summer 2022 VCE Deep Dive Series!